How did I start it.

Little turtle in your shell, slowly you do go. Slowly creeping, slowly crawling, slow is nice, you know!
Children's song

My first tries in art, how did my skills grow, where are they now and to where they are going to. Among with Photoalbum, this page is appendix to My Own.

Now in process...

Some sketches and draft scraps. I make a lot of them, hundred times more then ready artworks, and often my sketches look better, then my colored arts. I even wanted to make online sketchbook (album for publishing my current scraps online), but I changed my mind. I'll publish just few assorted sketches from differend years. Just to show, how they look.

Bits of Maxim Miakhano Yershov's scraps at middle of 2010. Part 2. Bits of Maxim Miakhano Yershov's scraps at middle of 2010. Part 2.
And now, let's go back more deep to the past.

Something from my childhood (1980s & 1990s).

First of all, I have to state – there is no one survived drawing from 1980s. All I can remember, it's how I fervently tried to portray some astir ninjas from eastern action movie, which was shown fragmentary on soviet TV in 1989, and in those old times against the background of idactic soviet films appeared to be very fresh. I just failed to portray those ninjas again and again and just threw paper into basket. And in my early teens, in 1990s my head was fullfilled by japanese seasons of Transformers (especially "Victory") and by american Mortal Combat. Very typical interests for common schoolboy in 1990s, right? So, drawings. Here is Kung-Lao, made in 1996. Simple to pain.

Kung Lao, 1996. Fiber-tipped pen.
One thing I still can't understand - how this old drawing could survive.

One year later, I decided that favourite heroes can be portrayed with greater devotion, and I started to make a little book with MK heroes bios, supplementing original heroes with my own characters. My friend said me in jest to add his favourite sportsman Michael Jordan, I took it seriously and really did! :) I did my best, but my drawings could be called eminent for child aged 7, but not for youngster aged 14. I still don't consider myself very talented, and it was obvious in 1997 already. Constrained poses and monotony.

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Mortal Combat, drawings from childhood. Common pen & fiber-tipped pen, 1997.
Meet my favourite transformer, destron Liokaiser. This drawing is even older, 1995.
Destron Liokaiser from japanese season "Victory", 1995. In russian release he was named Сenturion.
Also I made VERY thick (nearly 150 pages) comix about transformers. Strange, but it was made quickly enough. It perished between 1996 and 1997, while being "in friend's charge". Comix passed from hands to hands "just to read for one day", and finally perished. I think, some bum on the end of this chain just sold it and told lies, that losed it. My friend had to make excuses before me because of this bum.

After 1997 I neglected drawind, and continued to draw only six years later.

Just old and stale pictures (2001-2004).

This tries were made in period of deliberate development of my skills. A lot of bad crap here, but hey, this is also part of my way. In 2001 and 2002 I slowly began to learn from scratch. To draw similar monotonous transformers (similar MK fighters) and to be able to draw anything you need - it's completely different level of skills.

Spontaneous tries to draw, 2001-2002.
With the course of time, I painted more frequently and in a bigger way. Still, a lot of things were naive - rough flat forms and rough colors. Terrible colors. Not unity of composition was absent, but composition itself. Here is 2003-2004 pics:
Outdated Maxim Miakhano Yershov's pictures made from 2003 to 2004 for self-training of skills. :)
Improvements were unapparent, but uneven. As I understand today, my brains changed not during sketching itself, but after it, during common pastime. My brains just processed received experience on the back burner.

As a final stroke of this story, in 2006 I boight graphic tablet Graphire 4, and following pusture was one of the first tries on it. :)

One of the first tries with graphical tablet
Of course, I kept learning after that point, but it's beyond this story.