Lunar Festival.

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Lunar Festival.
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Not so much time ago in all capitals of Azeroth thousands of firework thundered, rays of moonlight descend from heaven, and in spots of moonlight vague silhouettes appeared. That was ancestors, heroes who lived in old Azeroth, who have protected it from demons and gave present folks a chance to live in it – completely different world, but still full of life, not dead desert.

For most part of WOW players it’s just a new bunch of event quests and possibility to get another title. But for this vanity is a beautiful story of victory of good-natured folks of old Azeroth over Legion.

Lunar Festival is celebrated in all settlements of Azeroth, but main events taking place at a location which is most appropriate for that – Moonglade. A piece of old Azeroth, fenced by high mountains and remained intact in flames of war with Legion. This lands have not changed since ancient times, when Horde and Alliance was not in existence end even in plans. Anybody can forget present conflicts here for a little while.

Slowly walking on quiet corners of Moonglade, shamaness and rogue have not thought about sieges and future challenges. Both had their 22st birthday several days ago, both were full of youth, but even more they felt deep abyss of time here. Celebration and fireworks has been somewhere near, but even deafening noise did not reach them, being absorbed by the thick foliage of trees. Suddenly, strange light, similar to the lunar, leaked through the crowns. It snatched a piece of space on the ground, the air sparkled with lights which merged into a vague silhouette of two tauren elders, looked like a married couple. That’s how they looked twelve thousands years ago. Tremulous emotional moment for shaman and rogue, they hesitantly raised their hands in greeting, and aerial but full of life ghosts smiled affectionately. Their lips did not move and no sound was heard, but their thoughts sounded right in the minds of their younger fellows. They told about the old world to help understand the world today.

Date: February 2011.
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