Till your return.

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Till your return.
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One December evening in 2010 I had started WOW game for my favorite thing – to explore those world and fed myself with inspiration. I made my way through disfigured Barrens to flooded Thousand Needles and finally to Feralas - lands with which the many memories are. Cataclysm was already in it’s power, and I wanted to take a look on changes by my own eyes. I discovered several tragic accidents of my lovely Tauren folk in the shade of the most famous one – Taurajo tragedy. Freewind Post don’t exist anymore, disaster has weakened it and led numerous enemies to invade. Survivors moved into Mojache camp, and while most part of them already there, laters still make their way through dangerous Feralas woods.

Bright images has flooded my head – adventurer Strige, well known among taurens and juvenile tauren girl, who lived for all her incomplete sixteen in the settlement, which has just come to an end. Strige has already helped five of the refugees to get to the camp, the girl was already the sixth. By dint of Strige’s skills, together they reached almost to the camp, avoiding all battle points. Still, Strige had to help the others. He brought tauren girl on top of steep cliff overgrown with moss, grass and bushes. From this point all recent way to Mojache were at a glance. Here tauren girl could safely wait for the next batch of refugees for making the rest of way with them. Looking at deadly tired Strige, taureness realized, that chance to return for him is lesser then probability to perish. In case of his miss there is just no vacant people to find him. But damn it, Strige was like elder brother for her! So many times he auscultated, so many times he gave a good advice, so many times he told about far lands! He could not leave other taurens in trouble, but she could not go with him. And wanting to give him at least a moral aid, she promised to wait for his return.

But he was not back next day or the next week or later. That month has passed and two. She explored every little place inside a boundary, permitted by elders and even much further when nobody sees her. As time passes, taureness will reach seventeen, and with it opportunity to join one of the groups of scouts to look for Strige, dead or alive. Unfortunately, not earlier. Therefore, every night she returns to the top of the very rock where she gave a promise to wait.

I was briefly returned to objective reality in amusing manner by very those player who have sent me an invitation to create an account in past. He found me online in game and bothered me in chat with some baloney about some guild, some ratings and other mess. Wondering why I still have not reached level-cap, called to join his dreary brethren and to spent time in boring places called instances. So naive. :)

Strige   was officially declared dead. It took eleven months and in the gap between the leaf crowns tauren girl had noticed double star, twinkling with a soft blue light. Daughter of her nation, she knew legends very well. She was sure – it is a symbol of future fulfilling expectations.

Date: December 2010.
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01 января 2012, 04:59
Рисунок ВЕЛИКОЛЕПЕН,впрочем,ты и сам должен это знать)
Спасибо. :)
Да, я знаю.
Впрочем, пара улучшений по части композиции и глубины ему не помешает.
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01 декабря 2011, 16:20
Так рисуют только боги)
Не богохульствуй. ;)
Но за одобрение по-любому спасибо. :)