Undead hippogriff.

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Undead hippogriff.
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Let’s try to estimate chances to meet in the night forest flying 1750 pound beast. Not just some oversized mutant bird, but hippogriff from fairytales, and not just hippogriff, but undead one. Well, I have no idea how small that chances are, one-to-billion or even less, but one man already have got it by going to forest at night for some valuable plant, which blossoms only at night. He felt powerful vibrancy of air, made by huge wings, looked up and saw a beast, flying directly over his head. Hybrid of gryphon, crow and horse throw a lazy glance down and showed that he can see in the dark really well. So how our man could meet such a fairytale creature? Okay, he is alchemist, who live in fantasy world, where hippogriff is rarity, but not impossible thing. And one of this flying miracles has got into trouble, which made him undead creature. Special kind of undead creature – not nasty decaying zombie, but “driven by another kind of life”. His heart is not working, he don’t eat, but he is in his mind (unlike zombies, who are witless and went mad from the hellish pain of their rotting flesh). That’s why alchemist can be sure of his safety. Undead hippogriff is cold-minded type of undead, he attacks only for some reason.

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Recommended music - Oophoi: Corridors Of Time.

Date: January 2012.
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Дон Беладонн.
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13 ноября 2017, 16:03
Деревья как будто "плюшевые". Аккуратные уж очень.
Да, хотелось такой немного "сказочной" атмосферы. Сказка тоже разная бывает, конечно. Например, я люблю такое тёмное фольк-фэнтези, к которому близок один из моих любимых сеттингов - Thief. Но тут сказка другая - типа тех, что в детских книжках с красивым переплётом. Поэтому деревья выглядят как ухоженные ёлочки в какой-нибудь садово-парковой зоне. С ровными пушистыми "лапами".
Miakhano (author)
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06 апреля 2016, 18:30
Работа была немного обновлена в 2016 году. Несмотря на лёгкость внесённых изменений, смотрится теперь значительно свежее.