Ortann (character concept-art).

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Ortann (character concept-art).
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I have to return back to mekanites, it's new name for creatures whom I previously called metallidas. They are my personal closed creation, to be used in my personal project in future (damn silly pathos, but I cant find better words). They are not robots and not organic beings, they are something different. Most of them are sleeping ones, but part of them are awakened. More information can be found in article on mekanites. Well, I designed clear conception for mekanites, but I just cant publish all of this right now, so article contains only simplified and limited info.

So here we have one of awakened ones mekanite named Ortann. He is some kind of mix between teddy bear, Godzilla and knight in the same time. He is positive character. There is no cruelty and hatred inside him, he can be funny sometimes, yet he is strong and really-really big lizard.   

In addition to this concept artwork, also Ortanns reference picture is available as well as full text description.

Date: February 2012.
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