Slaughterdile (character reference).

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Slaughterdile (character reference).
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I was a crazy fan of transformers (especially of Japanese ones) when I was a kid. I was mentally so deep in their universe, that acquaintances often made a gesture for having a screw loose - “You’re psycho, boy”! I drew transformers, I made carton figurines of them, I wrote stories on them, oh my! But when I was thirteen, I just forgot them permanently. I did not remember them even occasionally though I draw mechas and robots regularly. These are the extremes, as opposed to those who have this obsession in a moderate extent through the entire life. But now I want to make a little tribute to the past. Why not. :) Maybe later I’ll do redesign of one or two characters from Japanese continuity, but as for now, meet a pair of OC.

Autobot named Smashgun and decepticon named Slaughterdile are rival enemies, a pair of antagonists that is classic story for TF. Partially they are inspired by Trypticon and Metroplex, yet they are not so huge. Both Slaughterdile and Smashgun are assault battle units of advanced firepower. Their size is roughly in middle between average transformer and combiner, and even combiner can be hurt by their firepower. Slaughterdile and Smashgun confront each other very often – unluckily they share the same niche, too equal in strength, and too armored to be killed quickly. Winner of separate clash have to be content with temporary triumph. They could agree on final duel in some lonely valley, where, after long and painful fight one of them could repose forever, but both of them are, first of all, the soldiers and can not put their personal accounts above duty.

Both robots were constructed recently. Decepticon scouts learned about work on new experimental autobot battle unit, when it was half-ready. It was known that he had created on the basis of another robot from remote systems, integrating technology of autobots and their distant friends. In need to have some counterblast, decepticons with great reluctance contacted band of well-organized mercenaries, also from far space. For a substantial reward, decepticons got one of their best thugs, reptilian-like monster robot. Mercenaries refused to disclose his origin, except for the fact that he joined them after a serious scrape, in which his brain was severely damaged. One thing was clear – technically he differs from the decepticons much more then other mercenaries do, and with help of decepticon technology he could be rebuilt into a strong siege machine. Slaughterdile was assembled very quickly based on the hellish mixture of technologies, making his first step in just fifty five hours after Smashgun. During the siege of peripheral decepticon base they met for the first time. Among the dense buildings Slaughterdile has battered Smashgun pretty confidently (in limited spaces he usually turns out to be a little stronger) and even wounded him, but on an open platform he was discouraged by unexpected offensive attacks and in turn he received a couple of injuries.

Main Slaughterdile’s form is heavily-armored dragon (or bipedal crocodile if you like it more). Alternative form – heavy tank with a lot of cannons and protective energy field. His style of gunning is more concentrated and monotonous than Smashgun's, good for tight spaces. In tank form he is more durable, but less mobile then in dragon form. Tank form is good against slow-moving and stationary targets. In the form of a dragon, he specializes in intense firefight with moving targets, for example, with several autobots. In the close combat, he is also enormously strong, but very few can break through his firepower dead or alive. Designed specifically to break the defensive line. For the Autobots of average strength he is almost insurmountable obstacle, without the support of stationary cannons they have only to retreat. In an attempt to stop Slaughterdile, three average autobots are guaranteed to die within five minutes. Bigger quantity able to slow him down a little bit, but never make him to push back or to stop. To stop Slaughterdile you need to call combiner... or Smashgun. Yes, Smashgun can do it. But not every time.

Slaughterdile has one single weakness – he has no form for quick movement. Tank mode makes him slower, despite usual idea that any “vehicle” mode increases speed. In this regard, Smashgun has some advantage that his mode of cannon platform gives him some additional speed. In their main forms they can develop nearly equal speed.

Decepticons not just rebuilded Slaughterdile's body, they also restored the normal functioning of his brain. But his memories was never restored, even his real name remains unknown. At least he says so. However, it is rarely possible to ask him about it - enormous self-esteem does not allow him to acquire friends, he is harsh, sullen, arrogant and uncommunicative. Perhaps, among all decepticons Slaughterdile is one of the most unpleasant types. He looks to be mentally quite cold-blooded guy as Shockwave, but inside he is full of quiet malice, and cruel in his deeds, as Galvatron.

Date: April 2012.
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