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Well well well, malicious fiend, you have pried into forest, where you do not place. Okay, what else to expect from you :) But bullying an unicorn, which is almost twice heavier then you was a silly mistake. X) You could confine yourself with shredding squirrels and bunnies... or some wood goblin. Sharp horn gets closer and closer, youre tired In short, in next life assess your powers soberly. :)

It's all about the unicorn as a beast, capable to use their horn deftly. Please, check awesome series of pictures by Black UniGryphon. Its several artworks about fierce battle of unicorn and gryphon: third fifth pictures as example. Here is a comment by herself: Well, unicorns are very ferocious if you provoke them. They can never be taken alive. Even in the Bible they're a beast not to be reckoned with. I also think that unicorns are portrayed by oversimplifying way quite often in modern fantasy. :) Their peacefulness greatly exaggerated, and their powers are underestimated. I had to even deal with the belief this is just a horse with horn, it is weak in comparison to other fantasy monsters. Well, I am not against making unicorn cute, but I dont like idea of making him weakling.

So, unicorn may be very angry and can use his horn as precise and deadly weapon. If he faces an enemy with sword or spear, he can fence. I shall disclose this subject with pictures. This is a second picture already. First one was Critical attack. Then there will be others.

Date: May 2012.
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Miakhano (author)
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