Flo-Wai Vosu (character concept-art).

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Flo-Wai Vosu (character concept-art).
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Meet two personages in the SW setting. I had an idea to draw several pictures of lightsaber duel. Not just fight only but more – a confrontation with some story. I wanted something other than classic “good vs evil” opposition, so it’s “evil against another evil”. After all evil is various. Here we have one really evil character and another – less evil one.

Now let's talk about “less evil”. Flo-Wai is “twilight” jedi. It means he may come very close to the dark side, but never let it control himself. In many ways he is alike Mace Windu, but less lawful and more evil, and also he never was a part of Jedi Order and never was trained as jedi officially. Though, he received valuable teachings from masters of New Order from very beginning. Twilight jedi is not "keeper of peace", and   he does not come to help oppressed. He is acting by his own philosophy, but a couple of times he has found himself in association with good jedi . Or in confrontation with them.

Another of his traits is love to small and elegant technologic devices, which may be used in association with the Force. Acting hidden and anonymous, out of the society, being able to kill "for reason", he is not truly dark, but indeed very shady person. Mixture of three bloods made him look strange, and a little technologic advantage of his eyes makes him look even more mysterious. He also works on new style of lightsaber combat, similar to vaapad and seeks for any information, which could be useful to improve it. As it with his personality, it's hard to say something concrete about his lightsaber. His blade constantly pulsing and blinking, changing it's length and floating from shady cyan hues to bright silver. Twilight jedi can control all parameters of his blade very precisely.

Rumors are about Flo-Wai being a clone or other kind of “artificial” life, born with aid of genetic engineering. That’s not completely true, but on the other hand – not a false. One of his parents was of arcanian kind, technocratic race, fanciers of technology and bio-technology. Flo-Wai was some kind of genetic experiment; he was born natural way, but received some omwati genes. He was never told about goal of these experiments, but he always felt his own uniqueness – primarily in his mentality and in his way in the Force. His strange – curious and venture but dispassionate nature may be major reason for his resistance for the webs of the dark side.

His opponent is bad-mad-rude-mean dark jedi named Zenjan Wjulle.

Date: May 2012.
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