A burrick.

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A burrick.
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Just a little speculation on gas-belching reptiles named burricks. Exactly speculation, but not detailed and trustworthy character concept. Hey, really – nobody knows their appearance in the fancies of Looking Glass team, because all that remains – just unsharp and fuzzy LGS concept-artworks and low-detailed models from game, which portrays the creature just tentatively. Just a huge space for garbling, intentional or not.   

I tried to make burrick to look more horrific and aggressive. For the first step, I decided to remove his underdeveloped arms, considering them to resemble child’s arms too much (looks too effete); this step makes him closer to armless bipedal monster from Morrowind (not guar, but Alit, more dangerous). Then I changed my mind and returned them back, trying to stick to original concept. Also I attached some kind of tusks or bone pinchers for food, bristling from his chap. However, their main function is burrowing tunnels in soil and even in rock. Yeah, burricks are subterranean bastards. :)

Burricks have short and almost rigid bodies and tails, unusually for reptiles, who have prolonged torsos. Tail is also stiff; it plays a role of counterbalance for heavy head and chest, while rotating movements are based on usage of well-developed sophisticated joints of legs, which let burrick to turn whole body fast enough and to have a freedom of movement inside cramped tunnel systems. Of course, I realize that it was just a technical limitation of old game engine, which makes poor burricks to be real chunks, but I like this effect, it makes them differ from boring “walking lizard” concept.

In necessity of self-defense, burricks evolved a poisonous breathing, which allows them to exhale a flow of toxic yellow-green vapour, striking with remarkable accuracy. This gas (or rather spray) is produced by special glands very quickly, "on the fly", as much as needed, allowing burrick to attack very intensive and tirelessly, spitting out his noxious cloudlets on big distance under high pressure.

Although burricks has ability to chive melee attacker by their tusks, they are trying to avoid close combat and prefer to surround themselves by shapeless gas blob, hiding their own location. They are just too clumsy for infighting.

Burricks may represent great danger for someone who handles them wrong, because they live by numerous broods and guard their labyrinths fervently. Being wounded, animal will lope in haste, alerting all fellows about the danger with hysterical howl, which resounds miles along the tunnels and even around open space. Burricks form very together community, so one single call will bring a whole army of them, which can surround incomer from every quarter, expectorating their gas. How funny, but this reptiles has a tender affection to desolate constructions of humans. This fact makes them to be known as "headache task" for looters, who risks cleaning out age-old buildings and subterranean complexes, which are not unusual thing for the City.

Despite these hazards, burricks are excellent subjects for domestication. They are well as replacement for cart horses. Difficulty of their housing consists not so much in toxic respiration, but rather in feeding – it is easier to reserve haystacks for horses, then cavernicolous lichen for burricks.

Date: March 2006.
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