Strogg unit "Broach".

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Strogg unit "Broach".
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Strogg unit Broach is mobile assault unit, very   effective   against   human's   heavy defense machines and air forces. They are more maneuverable then   tanks   or   armoured   vehicles, but still comparable to them in firepower on high distances. This units are semidedicated, vulnerable against numerous nimble units, such marines. Mostly front side is armored, here is heaviest armor plates (as a rule, Broach attacks at high distance and can keep frontal position). Equipped with body-mounted duplex railgun, which have two barrels with enhanced damage (this means that each of raingun units has improved damage, and in sum Broach'es duplex railgun is 3,5 or 4 times more injurious then common personal railgun of infantry).

Railgun is not Broach'es only weapon. Both arms have embedded heavy plasma rifles. This arsenal of heavy guns requires almost all space inside Broach's frame for supporting systems and jointly two barrels can produce ragged series, but not synchronous shots.   

Major weakness consists in weaponry aiming - Broach needs at least 3 seconds for railgun aiming and 2 seconds - for plasma gun. On the other hand, reloading is very quick, especially for railgun.

Entire body surface is designed for permanent cooling, increased thermal radiation produced by multiple heatsinks and pipes.

Well, really they are "hot guys". )))

Date: November 2008.
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29 января 2011, 14:44
I realy like it! Its very cool... I post it in my blog,say me if you are all right :D