Constantine’s sword, gift of the Honeymaker.

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Constantine’s sword, gift of the Honeymaker.
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For at least, it is exclusive thing. Unique thing. It would seem, sword is unsuitable tool for thief, in third episode it was entirely replaced with dagger. But Constantine’s sword, with its uncommon non-specular surface – probably is single exception. Unapparent in shadows, not heavy, not prone to wearing and almost silent when clashing, it is ideal companion for rogue.

Daemon named Trickster has deceived Garrett, taking the shape of eccentric old collector Constantine and letting to steal his own sword. Possibly, for Woodsie Lord this sword was only one of different toys, each of them seems to be amazing thing for common man. But common people can only make guesses about these treasures; they are not spoilt by affordable magic, so for them Constantine’s sword just IS amazing thing, and not a “toy”.

Sadly, after ending of Thief 1 events, Garrett parted from his new sword. Where didst this item got – only Garrett knows. Probably, the sword is sold out. It’s hard to believe, that our thief has easily leaved so suitable tool. But hey, let’s not judge weary taffer too strictly, he was uninformed about approaching Metal Age, and planned to retire on “pension”. In addition, black sword could be an evil reminiscence for him. Who knows, what dark spells has putted on this blade by its old owner… It can be just like time bomb.

It is unknown, is this weapon magical artwork, or its qualities is conditioned by rare materials, which is procured by the Trickster. Extremely dark blade looks as mysterious and tranquil, as Monolith of Stanley Kubrick. When Garrett got under dome of very high chamber, where the sword was placed, blade broke silence and singed to him: “Stretch your hand, take me!”.

Date: February 2008.
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