Rainbow blast.

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Rainbow blast.
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No no noooo, this flying unicorn stallion is not evil, though he is dark, strong and aggressive. He is “good, which has a sword and knows how to handle it well”. Not literally sword, of course, though he has no arms, but dreadfully strong plasma beam, fueled by nuclear decay and being able to vaporize tungsten instantly. Antigravity propulsion (wings are only required to adjust flight direction), unlimited fire range, practically unlimited ammo. Better not to underestimate the accuracy of his shots. And never to stand in front of his mouth, when he opens it. Be respectful, and he will help you in trouble. Do not be afraid, he would not refuse. Just never, never stand in front of the mouth. Even for a second. Suddenly, he may have a cough.

Date: November 2011.
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05 декабря 2011, 20:12
woooow! ну это круто аще...пипец нравится *О* реально круто х))