A Ramirez's Sergeant.

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A Ramirez's Sergeant.
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This time I tried to draw with thin pen on rough, granular and thick paper.

Ramirez is important criminal authority, the criminal in the law and very, VERY rich man after all. He is cover, employer and law in the same time for robbers, thieves, tramps and other street scum. He got f lot of relationships, full purse, huge mansion and... a lot of guards fot it.

Mister Ramirez is not presented on this picture himself. :) But here we have one of mansion guardians. More precisely - a sergeant. Their armour is quite original - metal plates and hauberk is hidden under suit of rag and leather.

Date: August 2006.
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Miakhano (author)
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26 февраля 2008, 09:21
Работа обновлена в феврале 2008.
Добавлена стилизация под старинную книжную страницу, исправлено пламя на более реалистичное и лицо сержанта на менее трапециевидное.