City Watch.

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City Watch.
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Stronghold of The City, protection for people and insuperable barrier for all shadows, which inhabit areas outside The Wall. Even the most desperate swindlers and yeggs own this. There are not a lot of people, who have ever got far outside The City’s bounds, but everybody knows – these lands are fulfilled by numbers of sinister creatures, and better never to meet them. It is true, that Baron maintains armed forces for The City, but these forces are not numerous enough to get all The City under control, and good only for military expeditions or protection of Wall’s gates. What about protection of Wall’s perimeter and maintenance of order inside City itself – this is job of City Watch. Day, when this force dies away will be brief delight for thieves, and then will turn to real disaster – ancient fears from Pagan’s Woods will return. Firstly one-at-a-time, then in petty groups, and finally – as a real flowage.

City Watch has strict hierarchy. Sheriff in the head – as a rule, he is noble citizen with great leadership qualities. Together with few assistants, he manages City’s envelopment with patrol routes, promotes catching dangerous criminals and… acts in behalf of the most authoritative people in The City. There is some tension between City Watch and Hammerites, who had leading role in justice in the past. Today, if guardians catch up criminal before Hammerites do this, then Church will get prisoner in its hands only if offence touches upon matter of faith; and this concern is ascertained only by guardians themselves. Of course, Hammerites dislike this obstacle.

History of The City has short period, when working of City Watch was “standing on its head” – thanks to Gorman Truart, petty tyrant. This time neatly described by one officer-turncoat: ”Gold is gold, whether it comes from Ruben or Sheriff Truart”. Exactly so – laws become severer, but with it, a lot of easily-controlled people has filled posts of guards and officers – former criminals, who are ready to do any dirty job, if payment is good enough.

Now it’s all dead, these grievous days are over, and old regime rules City Watch again, but blue uniform strikes root and become an attribute of high-standing officers. Old equipment returns only to ranks. Streets have changed once again – there are less of guards, also portion of turncoats become lesser. Despite this, The City become new once again, but not returned to the past.

Equipping and training of City Watch is centralized, all differences induced by rank and district belonging. Therefore, street guards are not as diversified as common guards. In remote past, City Watch was almost under control of Hammerites, despite formal subjection to Baron. In order to weaken influence of too mighty Church, Barron has imposed a new figure on chess board – a Sheriff, chief of city police. This move allows him to make justice to be more independent from faith.

For petty thief, City Watch is minor enemy, because they patrol streets but not houses. Minor thief is much more hunted by guards of mansions. City Watch is easy to deal – just avoid hives and streets at periods of police raids. But seasoned thieves bear a grudge against street guardians, because many sentries already know their marks by sight.

Date: April 2007.
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