Krones, cybronic reptilian.

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Krones, cybronic reptilian.
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Back in 2006, I had a practice in drawing and made funny sketch of mechanical lizard's face. I liked it and made full-body sketch. It was good for my past (2006) level of skills, but not for present. It was a shame to have it here in gallery for almost five years.

In december of 2009 I made another practice and in 2010 I noticed, that it resembles face of my old mechanical lizard. I made full-height drawing in late 2010 and replaced old Kracus with new Krones. Let's count them as one character. :)

So this character has a looooong story. :)

Date: August 2006.
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Miakhano (author)
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29 июня 2011, 17:03
Рисунок перерисован в деталях в июне 2011.

Вместо шара теперь Йорег.
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01 декабря 2006, 17:45
OMG!!! Гадзилла возвращается!!! Теперь ОНО еще и в боулинг играет!!! убивается апстену
Ага, боулинг в макро-варианте. :)