Equine steel - Longfoot-004.

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Equine steel - Longfoot-004.
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Longfoot series has the greatest variety of models. They all has only one same common feature – enlarged legs. While first models was designed to be just tall and steady (for example, as walking gunning turret), fourth one made for rocky world with reduced gravity, covered with cracks and fractures. Firm armor, clinking good speed, a couple of surviving tricks, and the almost complete absence of weaponry – that’s what making Longfoot-004 good scout, mount and messenger.

Weak mane-mounted taser is his only weapon, it is used only when there is no way to escape. Longfoot-004 is not a fighter, he must escape any aggressor and he can do it well. His special features are designed for escaping – teleportation on short distances (remember Robot Unicorn, ha-ha) and seismic- (let’s not hurry to reveal all secrets). If there is no chance to run away, then Longfoot-004 can send attacker into nearby abyss for own death.

There is a lot of small parts in construction of small Longfoot-004’s body, so I scribbled additional perspectives rather roughly.

Date: February 2011.
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Miakhano (author)
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29 июня 2011, 16:58
Рисунок перерисован в цвете и деталях в феврале 2011.
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01 декабря 2006, 17:47
Думаю, дело в ногах. Попробуй сделать что-нибудь более много-суставчетое и гибкое. И потоньше их.