Mechanical Reptiles Bunch 002.

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Mechanical Reptiles Bunch 002.
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Non-humanoid cyborgs, two modifications. Standard one is armed with two double-barreled rapid-firing guns. Their organic brains are heavily restricted for keeping full control over them, but they have enough intelligence to hunt for tresspassers. Also, they have primitive speech, consisting of 50 words.

Advanced model is bigger, can creep faster, has thick armor and electromagnetic rifle (able to disable other robots), mounted in right arm. Brain abilities are not limited, vocabulary consist of nearly 300 words.

Three electrodes of electromagnetic rifle also play role of fingers. Advanced model may need of hand by reason of broadened functionality.

Date: June 2011.
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Miakhano (author)
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29 июня 2011, 17:03
Рисунок перерисован в деталях в июне 2011.
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19 июня 2011, 22:56
О, вот эти ящерки отменные. Такую встретишь, чую...голову снесет не глядя...
Если покажешь непросроченный пропуск - то не снесёт, и даже дорогу покажет. :)