Taurens can be rogues (colored).

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Taurens can be rogues (colored).
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Got free evening for renovation of old-old picture. It has a loooong story now. It's fun to read old and silly description, mostly about bright colors of the skies in WoW, cuz I was relied on screenshots from Outland. While events of this picture take place in Azeroth, where sky is common like on Earth. X) Yep, this is Menethil Bay, there Tayamee is...   spying and stealing, what else!

Let's leave old and silly description there:
Oh yes, at last I did it. Poor pretty girl Tayamee, she was left forgotten for entire year, precisely year to the day. Completion happened at 1st of April, as it was intended, but one year later.
As it happened this way, I decided to remake some details, because my skills have improved. Above all, I have redraw her left leg completely. Earlier version was too rough and too inelegant. Also I had to change location of tauren woman relative to nearby tower – I came to realize that laws of perspective make leaning on wall’s edge to be impossible – girl is just too far from wall and cannot reach it. So, Tayamee now is in position of “floating with rope-bungee-jump”, or more exactly just preparing for it – after pushing off from wall she overhangs in highest point before jump. My picture looks too static for such kind of action, but I am leaving pose unchanged – Tayamee is extremely agile young gal, and her relaxed pose can be explained by her excellent body control.

It so fell out that my picture is claiming not only “tauren rogue exists” but also “flying cows exists”! Oh, forgive me! Of course, not “cows” but horned ladies. :-)   

I don’t like vivid colors too much, but inside WOW game (which is tasted by me only on screenshots yet) skies are iridescent and monstrously saturated. I decided to pay tribute to WOW canonic picture, but to make such vivid colors be as harmonious as possible. And then, though Tayamee is smallest tauren ever, but her body cannot be called feeble. This body is thick and its curves are very round. For this feature, many people called this art piece ”light erotica”. It seems that, tauren rogues exist after all, but thin taurens are nonsense anyway. And this is probably right way to go.

Date: March 2009.
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Miakhano (author)
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30 октября 2016, 20:02
Выдался свободный вечерок, обновил до версии 2016. Слишком мозолила глаза переломанная анатомия и хаотичное освещение. Теперь найс.
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04 декабря 2011, 12:00
А что, в Варкрафте уже есть лампочки?)
Во многих локациях Варкрафт, особенно принадлежащих (ныне или ранее) расе людей можно увидеть огромное множество фонарей. Скорее всего, это не электрические, а газовые фонари. WOW - не стимпанк, но и не классическое фэнтези. Технологических добавок там более чем достаточно.

Предлагаю взглянуть на скриншот Штормграда, где фонари встречают путников ещё у самых ворот города.
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05 июня 2011, 17:28
Вот это очень нравится!!! Шикарно)))) Завораживает!
Спасибо. :) Идея и скетч были сделаны за час, а вот до ума всё было доведено за... ладно, не будем о грустном. :)
Miakhano (author)
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01 июня 2011, 13:07
Ну ёклмн, наконец-то я доделал эту работу. Бедная Тайями! Она лежала на сборочном столе моей мастерской ЦЕЛЫЙ ГОД день в день. =) И после этого ещё два года я был недоволен результатом, затем в мае 2011 немного подправил город и выложил как есть.