Brainstorming: a few hammerites.

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Brainstorming: a few hammerites.
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Just a few followers of Order of the Hammer. Let’s start it modestly – with classical Hammerite’s appearance. Oldies with bony faces, angular cheekbones, goatee beards and gloomy sights. Dreamy novices with glowing eyes or inversely – with conciliated imposed face. Old-fashioned robes, armour purfled with Hammer symbols... May be later, I will try to diversify this religious fanatics and to add some fresh colours to their outward appearance. Key condition while doing it – not to breach wholeness of conception.

Major factor which makes me to be fond of Hammerites is wonderful combination of several qualities, some of which are unobvious. Hammerites… Maybe, they are sort of dreary orthodox persons, but also they are daring inventors and innovators. Severe and methodical while dealing with people, while teaching them and while… punishing them. And yet, they are granting some freedom for people, protecting them from the Trickster. Even every idiocy (I mean all stupid talkings and situations from game, caused by their orthodoxy and fanaticism) is still touching, and just funny. I, for one, just make a kind smile when I see a guardsman, scolding through teeth about rotten souls of Baron and meat retailers, this talkings never irritate me. A pair of companions-in-arms is just another comical thing - they sighed wistfully, remembering old good times, when they had a privilege to convict people right on the scene of incident (just how Judge Dredd did this) and finally to cleave their heads with hammers. Think, I overpraise them? I dare say, I dare say… I just like this old bores. )

At that, if I even has an ability to write a continuation of hammerite’s story, then I prepare more wise future for them. Every time I read schedules in Cragscleft (scalding palms of prisoners with boiling water, e.t.c.) I just begin to abandon myself to idea, that sometimes Hammerites go beyond the mark. Too far.

Date: March 2007.
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14 апреля 2007, 23:08
Кудаж без них, родимых - хаммеропоклонников?! Понравился образ священника с воротником до глаз и узкой прорезью на лице. Я бы развил этот образ. Остальное - классика. :)
Да, пытался пофантазировать но пока что не вышло... Тот с воротником - да, более-менее удачная идея. Ну и ещё хотел бы отметить хаммеритские тяжелые доспехи, этот вариант я сейчас прорабатываю.

Не понравилось слово "хаммеропоклонников". Они никакие не поклонники, а тяжело вооружённые мечтатели. :)