A few Guardians from Thief game. Say a word for the poor sentry.

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A few Guardians from Thief game. Say a word for the poor sentry.
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Guardians… It would seem, they are the tritest, the most estimated and even boring idea for game with thief as a hero. Thief is hunted by guards – everybody thinks it first, even some extraterrestrial freak… Okay, maybe extraterrestrial can yet think some inhuman delirium, but for normal people guards are just ordinary attribute of genre.

But “ordinary” is not right kind of words, when game is made by “Looking Glass” team. They almost never did ordinary things. Due to their imagination and liking to work on the details, guardians in Thief world become one of the most picturesque characters... truly, there is no unremarkable characters in game at all!

Unfortunately, my picture can’t tell you all posh jokes, which can be found in game. Imagine drunken sentinels, singing with stupid voices and wobbled by light breeze; or company of weary guards, trying to amuse themselves with humorous conversation about bloody bear-fighting. Imagine always tipsy sentry named Benny with his terribly hoarse voice. Imagine a fount of “eloquence”, spreading along corridor, when brave law enforcer hardly tries to recognize thief’s silhouette among shadows. In this moment, thief may came to know what a drag is himself, and how wrong does he live. :) I couldn’t show all this fun stuff in my picture, I just could to represent style of weapons, armor and other ammunition of different guardians in Thief, letting to compare them.

In the City, guards can be hired individually as well as part of big and small security enterprises. In second case, contract is concluded between owner of protected object and owner of security enterprise, who does all that is possible to build up his wealth and reputation, while guardians can bank only on percentage of fee and minimum information, getting some insurance arrangements as compensation. This kind of teams has own hierarchy – the ranks, the sergeants and beyond.

The best guards and (contrariwise) the worst guards are hired individually. First group is well-trained and very touch healthy fighters, who can execute a duty of personal bodyguards and security commanders in houses of upper-class. Second group is worn-out (old or sick) watchmen, who can be hired by citizens of medium income in disorderly way. The most prosperous money-bags can organize their own streamlined teams (similar to security enterprises), which are very reliable and controlled directly by them – as department of household staff. This is much better then group of individually-hired guards or even then contract with enterprise. As a rule, this touch teams are supplemented with extremely well-paid “war chiefs” and bodyguards, who are hired individually. They can escort their lord everywhere he goes, even in travels of many years. One of the most impressive teams are maintained by Ramirez, Gervasius and The First City Bank and Trust. In fact, this is a little armies.

There is another specific kind of guardians, named City Watch. They are very important in life of whole City. Almost the same as a police, difference is that they are not reading out a notice about your rights when arresting, but they just slicing you in tatters, if discovering you in wrong place. On the ground of different experience and skills, they also have different ranks.

Truly, guardians are not refined people, but they are full of self-importance – always speaking loudly and always trying to find out, who of them is principal person. But you need only to overhear their muttering when they don’t see you to find out, that they are terribly tired by endless patrolling, chilling wind, cold rain and dampness of cellars. Heavy duty.

Most every guard in City is armed by medieval cold arms. Sure thing, there is primitive electricity and mechanics there – on a level of 1880th years, but still swords are in demand. Even more – there is certain technologies in City, which have no analogues in modern world. But Thief world has specific situation with natural resources and physical laws. Maybe, somewhere in Thief world gunpowder exists, but it is high-priced as gems, making firearms to be one-off products. So, 99% of warriors in Thief uses weaponry of 13-15 centuries. Industrial society, lack of firearms and Romanesque-Anglican style in culture determines type of armour – heavy plates of metal and chainmail, no ornate details and no complex shapes.

Date: May 2007.
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