Mondoshawans: guardians of life.

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Mondoshawans: guardians of life.
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Mondoshawans by their outward appearance seems to be some kind of ancient extraterrestrial robots. Also some people find them clumsy and graceless, but it is just a delusion. Their purpose are obscure for humans, that's why understanding of mondoshawans aesthetics requires extra-high attention and ability to abstract away human habits. Possibly, mondoshawans have changed themselves with help of genetic engineering - as adaptation for extremely long interstellar flights and for ability to process large volumes of knowledge at the expense of some other aspects.

My mondoshawan differs from his/her relatives from the movie. The same details, but shape of details looks closer to "knight's armor". But hey, we don't know everything about this aliens, may be alternative branch of their race (more ancient one) looks exactly this way...

Added later:
In the end of 2013 year I've received a letter from musician Maxim Ezavskih, who made experimental track on mondoshawan's theme. It was decided to update artwork with my current level of skills - as a cover for aforementioned track. In was done in February 2014. Overall composition not changed, so several bugs with wrong shadows are left, but... we'll let it go at that. :)

Date: May 2007.
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Miakhano (author)
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15 февраля 2014, 16:05
В конце 2013 года я получил письмо от музыканта Максима Езавских, написавшего экспериментальный трек на тему мондошаван. Было решено обновить картинку в качестве обложки для трека, что и было сделано в Феврале 2014. Композиция в целом сохранена старая, ввиду этого остались прежние глюки с тенями, ну да ничего.
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16 мая 2007, 00:55
Классно, не сидишь в одном стиле. Впечатляет. Сам рисунок? Хорош. Для фанарта.