Reer Gyllmokhar (character concept-art).

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Reer Gyllmokhar (character concept-art).
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I made many pictures of taurenesses already and only one image of tauren, and it was even on group picture. But yet I made a full-fledged personage with his story – a druid, who wants to explore World in all its manifestations. He decided to put his efforts to serve his folk. Well known, that taurens cooperate with technocrats and mages with strict reluctance, but life makes to do it more often. Not wanting to delve into the details of alien art, they often give these things all at the mercy of outsiders, allowing them to penetrate into life of Thunder Bluff. Reer Gyllmokhar understands that you may not always rely on the integrity of such extraneous allies. Problems can be very different - from greed goblins, who are overstating their expenses on fuel for airships, and to outright fraud, such as attempts of blood elves and forsaken to exchange the precious seeds of rare plants on the cheapest crystals. Both are counting on the ignorance of the tauren. And therefore, Reer absorbs all the useful knowledge, such as mechanics and even necromancy.

Reer Gyllmokhar practicing druid arts under morning sun of Mulgore.

Date: March 2009.
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