Maw of Chaos episode: Tree of Elemental Lights.

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Maw of Chaos episode: Tree of Elemental Lights.
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A cave from mission "Into The Maw of Chaos" of "Thief: the dark project". The greater part of the cave is occupied by titanic tree, junction of elemental forces. Imagine African baobab quintupled at linear dimensions, unless material of its bole and branches is not crumble like wood of baobab, but firm like hardest oak. Being hollow inside, this colossus is fulfilled by streams of amazing ancient energy and serves as “living lift”, which let to reach crystal gate, spider lair, "air bridge" and “magma halls”. However, it is only human interpretation, which sees this wonders as “lift”, “spider lair” "air bridge" and “magma halls”, but true nature of them is hidden from human’s eyes and ears.

There is no analogy between this tree and lofty trees of elvish woods from classical fantasy publications. Maw's tree even got out of crown and leaves – it is dull, covered by coarse and firm cortex, while trunk is intergrown through cave's dome, as well as branches. Onlooker sees it not stretching up, but more likely overhanging, like gigantic monster. It is more like baobab regarding it's form, more like oak regarding it's wood structure and more like sequoia or meranti regarding texture and relief of surface.

Despite so gross structure, this wooden colossus can impress intruder with some aesthetics. Seemingly, tree attracts bundles of elemental energy and become overgrown with fuming variegating lights, that compost invisible balance. Arch is speckled by reddish-orange sparks and streaks, which forms intricate pattern. These fascinating effects are produced by tiny portions of Air and Fire elements, which deform common matter around. Being scattered inside rock, countless diminutive Fire crystalls make stone to be red-hot, while Air granules make airflows to be iridescent, trembling and twisting.

Making his path through the Maw, Garrett meets a lot of amazing things. Only one general outline takes place – all those things was woven from four pure elements with slight admixture of common materials. Using The Eye and his fine magic, Trickster succeeds to make temporary projection of ancient wonders of the Maw on human’s dimension, letting Garrett to be only one human being, who have seen firstborn materials in more unblended condition, then crystals for fire arrows and even then all of pure materials in Victoria’s woods. When Trickster’s body destroyed – magic began to vanish, and mysticism completely disappeared after an hour. But Garrett already succeeds to make short but eventful journey through the Maw. Sequentially, he passes through locations, which can be called "Water dome", "Fire dome" or "Air dome", and dominance of every element occurred several times. Cave with giant tree is logical to identify as "Earth dome", if to look closely – it is a mix of all elements in different proportions. Earth in roles of arch, grass and tree itself; Fire sparks inside rock’s depth. Spectral presence of Air in the likeness of fuming lights and overhanging space of the cave. Water as blue crystals, which forms arc, through which cave does "flowing morphing" into spider’s lair. Earth element is not alone here, it is just dominating.

Looking on ratio of these elements, I found an analogy with Trickster himself and with nature of his magic. Earth is on the first place, Fire is second, while Water and Air goes halves with third place. Trickster lives the same way – he is very conservative (like Earth itself); in his purposes he uses chaotic methods of Fire (important, but subordinate factor); he is mysterious and even exalted like Air and in the same time viable and vivifying like floating Water. Vivifying – in terms of pagans and chaotic beasts, because he gives them what they need for life. Hey, he is just not Trickster, but also Woodsie Lord and Honeymaker.

Date: October 2008.
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Miakhano (author)
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28 мая 2013, 21:54
Больше четырёх лет лежала в первоначальной версии, на другие ресурсы такую недоделку было стыдно выкладывать. Нужно было переделать, вот в 2013 году и поднапрягся. А дату оставлю старую – 2008 год, поскольку идея и композиция с тех пор не изменились. Это моя первая публикация после до-о-о-олгого простоя.

I made old version 5 years ago. Since that, I had idea to remake it. Finally, it happened. I leave the old date - 2008, because composition and idea have not changed since then. This is my first submission after a lo-o-o-ong period of inactivity.
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11 декабря 2008, 15:14
Thanx. )))
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22 ноября 2008, 15:00
Yep, that's the way I like it )))