Bloody fun.

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Bloody fun.
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Most inhumane entertainment of one pseudo-antique fantasy folk regularly played out on the bloodstained floor of their beloved amphitheater. Big and powerful animals from around the world acts here as gladiators. They're caught and seasoned by teams of huntsmen and trappers lead by professional entrepreneurs. The monster on the first plane looks alike artropoda but she is not arthropoda in fact, being more close to reptilian with an outer shell and long claws. She already have warmed up the audience, killing several small creatures, but now the public getting ready to see something spectacular and more competitive, since game-keepers just released enraged saurian dragon-monster, ready to bite, to bite through and to bite off. Her jaws are fully capable to breach rival's shell, but in turn she is in danger to be torn by those sharp claws in so far as it's hard to deter attacks of two clutches with one mouth. However, she has spare argument by way of her weighted spiked tail. Whose arguments would be stronger? One thing is clear - they did not like each other from the very first glance.

By the way, I regularly receive tips not to “trim” fugures with canvas’s edge. People say me to place figures by the way so they can fully fit into canvas. I understand idea, but still I like “trimming” methood too mugh to give it up.

Recommended music: Hard-Tex – Opposites.

Date: October 2015.
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Дон Беладонн.
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15 ноября 2017, 23:47
Ну я образно.
Дон Беладонн.
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13 ноября 2017, 16:14
Годзилла и другие японские монстры подались в бои без правил? ;)
Бои у них действительно почти без правил, но на Годзиллу и монстров (их называют кайдзю, если я правильно понял что имеется в виду) это не похоже ни по виду ни по размерам. Просто фантастические животные в фантастическом мире. Не в Японии, не.