Bringsie forth past not dead.

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Bringsie forth past not dead.
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Ancient divine being, chaotic demon named the Trickster is practicing art of dark magical rituals. He’s going to force humanity to return back to the old ways of life, when people were defenseless against powers of nature. When he, the Woodsie Lord, acted like a wise guide through primordial darkness. Until people carved they own path of life, and their Order of the Hammer have built the City and massive walls of iron and stone, hedging off the Trickster and his realities of wild nature for ages. Here is a moment, years before events of game Thief: The Dark project, somewhere outside the City. Or in some place of numerous dimensions which are accessible for the Trickster. He just needs one chance. And he’ll get it. He is a Hoofed Liar after all.

So much of tempting in this dark romance. After all he wants teach people to “dream, fear and believe”. Senses of freedom, of mystique and curiosity are irrational, are’t they? But what is Trickster’s offering if not a dispassionate plan? All he’s going to do is just carrying people around enclosed ways of his forests. This story is so actual nowdays, when there are so many people who don’t see clear way in the future and therefore develop fear of the future. They tend to seek answers in the past that never was... But such kind of past is the great Liar.

There is yet another parallel in all this – the name of this picture. Clearing space of my hdd, I’ve meet long-forgotten sketch of 2006 year, roughly made in 3D. And I’ve decided to remake it by hand as 2D artwork.

Music for the mood: Jocelyn P. - Masked ball

«Night, smother light
black break lamp
done with bright
dew and damp
smother tight
dark in hide
foolsie sight
stay inside
fear the night
call the dark
call the black
bringsie forth
I call it back!

Vine, grow in twine,
green and curl,
chokes and bind,
leaves and furl,
thornsie spine,
tumble wall
wreath in vine
cover all
leafies mine
call the vine
call the green
bringsie forth world be seen.

Stone, grind and quake
shatter tile
columns shake
brick unpile
chip and flake
darkie soil
windows break
earthie toil
wall unmake
call earth
call the brown
bringsie back world thrown down.

Flame, burning heat
fences charred
blazey sheet
black and tar
manflesh meat
melting gears
dance and leap
manfool's fear
come to reap
call the fire
call the red
bringsie forth past not dead.»

Date: September 2017.
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