Bug Beast.

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Bug Beast.
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Heavy Constantine's impact forces consist mostly of these beings along with silver-cyan craymen. Bug-beast is robust bipedal insect, standing one head and yet one hand taller then average man. Some daimonistic forces shaped it into extremely strange humanoid creature.

This gray-green "folks" ere easy to recognize by unique sound mix, produced by them. Pseudo-phlegmatic "clicking" with faint of   pseudo-skepticism when they are undisturbed; melodious whining of some inhuman esthesis when they are alone; pseudo-nervous "lamentation" and "sighing" when they are alarmed and looking for intruder; and heartrending "squeak of the pig" with note of indignation at last moments of life… Yes, all of this can make to crack a smile if you hear this cacophony for the first time. Just meet this beast face to face, and if you survive - then since that you will always keep a distance, great distance. Great, because short or medium distance is excellent opportunity for bug beast to attack.

Bug beasts are slow, but surprising steady monstrosities with vast vital force; they can keep going even despite multiple wounds and despite loss of several body parts. Every of this insectoids can strike with it's crustaceous claws, but almost always approach to seize certain distance and to start stinging… without sting. To be more precise stinging with sting, but not their own sting.

Bubbles on the neck and bulky chest are exploited by bug beast as pneumatic mechanism for flinging a nest of very primitive, but rapid-moving organisms at the enemy. This organisms and bug beast are symbiotic. Just something like utmost primitive insects inside sophisticated insect. "Bugs" grows up inside it's digestive system as breeding colony, having a loan of bug beast's nutritious juices and reproducing up to nine units at one minute until limit will be reached. As a rule, the stock of "bug ranks" contains 15-20 shots (composed of 60-70 "bugs" in every nest), and needs several time to be renewed.

Being released, "bugs" can live on about nearly one minute, no more. Whole free part of life for only three purposes - to fly forward, to raise speed and to keep straight trajectory being a living jet engine. And if enemy is not nimble enough, then "bugs" will pierce his or her body with their toxic mandibles, envenoming and distressing.

Humans have happened to procure well-preserved bodies of fallen bug beasts, but their biology still obscure - too alien for human understanding. Even gender of bug beasts is unknown - some people took them for neuter creatures, but others recognize them as females. The latest suppose existence of males, here one mystery gives rise for another - where lives this males, what functions they perform and how dangerous they are? Seems that even pagans don't know. May be Hammerites have some information; Keepers also can be somewhat informed. But hey, looks that rather Trickster will lift the lid from bug beasts, then those two groups.

Especial mortality is provided for bug beast even not by heavy build and not by firepower (although this parameters are great), but unpredictable behavior. Being critically damaged, it can run away, displaying complete panic and unconditional surrender. Despite this, bug beast can turn around just after second of running and throw surprise shot, unusually replete.

Date: May 2006.
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