Critical attack.

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Critical attack.
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And rumble again! Random battle unicorn and random hulking demon from deep dungeons have developed serious conflict and rushed to fight. After couple of minutes in fencing, unicorn got over. Making deceptive move, he slipped under demon's attacking arm, then quickly lunged backward, slightly rising on back legs, abruptly straightening long muscled neck and reaching giant's limb. In one move, he sliced it with sharp horn.   

It is my experiment in improving martial abilities of such a classical D&D beast as unicorn. Why only pickling? He's not just animal, with his peculiar intellect, he can develop his own form of fencing against swords and axes. To fight like that, he just needs special form of horn and flexible neck.

This angle of view (from the top) is a try to depict an outlook from the eyes of some tiny creature, hiding in tops of nearby bamboo spinney.   :)

Music for the mood: Sonic Mayhem - Crashed Up Again.

Date: March 2011.
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04 декабря 2011, 11:59
Единорог vs Орк? =)
Скорее уж огр или демон-великан. Крупноват для орка, по массе даже чуть превосходит единорога. Хотя орки, они в различных сеттингах фэнтери очень разные. Но всё-таки это не орк. :)
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12 октября 2011, 21:05