Olatafk male (species concept-art).

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Olatafk male (species concept-art).
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Olatafks. They are imaginary species for my own setting in fantasy style. Not very original, truly. Generally speaking, they’re may look like redesigned unicorns with slightly modified anatomy and with several special features like telepathic talent, unique society, ability to “fence” with horns and to change shape of horn. Olatafks have long and movable tails. Their eyes are black with luminescent iris. Also these beasts are very intellectual being nearly at one level with human. As for their ration – nothing “magical” – they simply eat grass. Just grass, not rainbow or morning dew. ;)

Olatafks has more explicit sexual differentiation than horses. Female and male can be discerned pretty easily, but not from afar. Most of males (over 95%) has loppy-styled mane because of flexible mane hair. Also males always have a goatee. Eyes are smaller and relatively deep-set, legs are thicker and bodies are more slender. Generally, males weigh less because of lower body fat (830 kg against 880 kg of typical female, who are fatter). Hairstyle of tail also differs. The differences are easily noticeable, but this doesn’t affect physical abilities or social role.

Date: December 2012.
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