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I have to confess, I adore such kind of games, where I can feel myself a real hooligan and lawless pig. Long ago, at 1999, at my first days in Thief world, I enjoyed myself very much, poking poor servants. In games before Thief, I could start a skirmish or run around nice landscapes – nothing more. And with Thief I entered into new dimension! Sneaking through Bafford’s manor’s basement, I observed quiet life of cleaners and cooks. Making noise by throwing bags and cups from shadow, I entertained myself with their shouts “Hey, who is there?!”. At least, I darted out before menial’s sight with my drawn sword, making them run and scream for help. And when guard arrived – I just blackjacked him and put him… onto menial’s bed! Returning in the firm belief that intruder was driven away by brave guardian, servant discovered unaccomplished thief-slayer in his own bed and with heartrending scream “He’s dead!” ran away once again.

I’m sure, psychiatrists can set a diagnosis for me very quickly after reading this, but I have to say – I felt myself as a real Jack-the-Ripper, and I find this funny. :)

Barely after a week, I already had learned logic of all behavioral scripts from inside the game, and with it, emotions made by this little scenarios was not fresh. But funny voices of servants, fulfilled by naivety, fear and some kind of medieval intimidation – every time make me to crack a smile. Even today. Truly, voice actors deserved a monument for this!

Date: April 2007.
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