Trypticon, Just Wrathy Trypticon.

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Trypticon, Just Wrathy Trypticon.
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Lots of people have portrayed this big dark stomper, and everyone did it by own way. Only major attributes stay unchanged – huge size (698 feet) and gloomy colors. It’s not surprise, because this character has some charisma, but his canonical (G1) design lacks something by modern standards, so he is one of the most frequently-revised transformers. In 2010 game Trypticon was even turned into humanoid-looking creature, while in some comics he got flatiron-shaped head. :) Against this background, I am the real conservative, so my Trypticon still is old-school (upward-walking) theropod reptilian, but more toothy and streamlined than G1 one, and also with smaller two-fingered arms. In short, Trypticon just ruined some military base and stands admiring the sunset. So it goes.

Here is small sound excerpt from one movie... I think, having spotted some autobot enemy, Trypticon must produce battle roar similar to this:

Music for the mood: Captain Panic! - Dark Energy (Systek Remix)

Date: February 2013.
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Miakhano (author)
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13 апреля 2018, 05:34
Ещё одно обновление.

Updated again.
Miakhano (author)
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16 августа 2015, 20:27
Работа обновлена в 2015 году.

Artwork was updated in 2015.