Duality: Jagg-Jeelmoon & Karimar, troll & dwarf, rogue and pal.

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Duality: Jagg-Jeelmoon & Karimar, troll & dwarf, rogue and pal.
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In 2010 before business tour to Moscow, having ticket on hands already and with only a miserable piece of time before departure, I made this picture in a hurry for expiring Blizzard contest. In that time to have a chances for prize place I should be at least on artistic level which I have only today in 2016, so I had no goal to win, but only to show my art and to depict a theme of playing very different characters. So i painteв a troll rogue Jagg-Jeelmoon (whom I really created in european realm under exact name) and dwarf paladin (whom I used in game under another, joky name). I tried to send result using flash card from internet-café, when I was already in Moscow. Submitting form was “with surprise” – it crashed many times with derisive caption: “Here you broke this page, well done” or somewhat like that. X) In general, the next attempt to send my work succeeded, but since that I never see it anywhere on Internet. Considering that Blizzard usually published honorable mentioned authors as well as all losers, submitting form had a double surprise, and my work in fact never reached Blizzard. I didn’t publish my work even on my website, because terms of contest presumed unused art. And then I just forgot all about it. That's a sad story with violins and things of days gone by.

After six years of oblivion, picture was found by me while I was bringing order to folders of my archive. I decided to upload it into website, because 2010 was completely inactive - besides from this art piece, I did not create anything else. Better to have at least something. I made colors juicier and fixed some quite bad details, otherwise this is an old picture.

Date: September 2010.
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Miakhano (author)
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17 марта 2016, 20:11
До 2016 года по этому адресу был древний акварельный набросок "Диалектика", примитивный и совершенно позорный. Заменён на другой, тоже не новый, но хотя бы сносный.