One half Milord, one half in trade, One half a sage, one half a dunce, And half a crook, but there's hope, for once There will be enough of him at least.
Alexander Pushkin

Second forge is something like a little dark dirty closet behing main workshop, here work continues extremely rarely, chaotically and by several non-co-ordinated directions. Roughly speaking, here is one big heap of all, which is not related with drawing & painting, plus minor sidekick applications of my drawing & painting skills. For example, tries to paint on paper by real brush. Every of hobbies which are listed below revives so rarely, that it's not an exaggeration to call Forge-II a dusty closet.

Figurines and moulding.

I just want to make several figurines which are not available for purchase. That's why I started it. Still, I train myself on plasticine. It helps me to develop a motility of fingers.

Hammerite's head, plasticine. Tauren girl's head, plasticine.
This were examples of just training. I has succeeded in making a list of figurines to be done, but not in making of figurines itself. :) I wish, this will not became my bad habit.

Digital retouch of old photos.

Once I decided to scan old family photos of 40-s and 50-s, before they scattered definitively. Of course scanned images required retouch, in some cases - hard retouch. On this photo my grandfather in 1955, during his military service. Bottom of photo was restored with using other photo which was made two years erlier, but bottom of complex oval-like outline was drawn by hand.

Пример цифровой ретуши фотографии.
Scanned in high resolution and accurately retouched, digital versions of photos let see little details, which are almost invisible even with help of magnifier glass.

But 40s & 50s is past, which is still not very far. I never holded in hands photos older then 1910, but I learned a lot of information about history of early photo (like heliography and daguerreotypes), all my knowledge I merged in article "Photo, audio and video trails of 19th century".

Self-made furniture.

I made some furniture my myself not because of economy or design whim, because I realized in advance, that I can't success ih reduction in price or improving in quality. I had simple goal to have furniture, which is comfortable for me and my things inch-to-inch. Table still not ready, I have to order shod table legs under my drawing. But two wooden racks were made in 2007 and 2008.

Left rack. Making of left rack. Right rack. Making of right rack.
This racks saved for me a lot of free space in room.

Working by "live materials".

Heading is too pathos. Firstly I have to say, that sketches on paper is not mentioned, because for me there is almost no difference in making sketch with tablet or on paper. I mentioned colored pictures on paper by colored pencils and brush. In 2004 I made several attempts, but result didn't look great. Colours were dead, entire pictures were dead. But with water colors I made a picture for salutatory page of my site.

Painting by water color.
Long time ago I prepared a lot of different types of paper for this experiments, but most of those paper still lies unused.

Theatrical models of fantastical weaponry.

This hobby began as making of lightsaber models and will finish with the same. Or more exactly, already finished in 2006. Experiments lasts less then year, from July 2005 to April 2006, as result I got my two first lightsaber handles. Inspired by my work, many people from club made their own handles, so my experiments probably has a value. But since then, I did nothing. Third and last handle were made in July of 2006 at one night, and united all previous experiment. All my experience you can read in article “By wood was slain and ripped apart by plastic”.

Shooting and video mastering.

This hobby is closely related with previous. In 2005 I planned to make a comedy "Fake Star Wars", but it was frozen after first shooting. Briefly, I has estimated result as 15% of idea, and obstables to it's improvement as insuperable. Making such a shit is like killing a good idea. I had even whole subdomain for this project, now there are only explanations of it's stoppage. But experiences of shooting process still available in article "Experience of FakeSW - big projects".

Frames from shooting.
Having decided not to bite off more than I can swallow, I reduced scale of my ideas. Now I have ideas only for several short videos.

Attempts in 3D.

Recent works not exist and will not to be soon. Old works are full shame. Cubes, cylinders and rough angular humanoids with sticking out edges are melancholy show. So let's leave here just void place. It's useful for game artist to know model-making, so I'll have to do it once a day.