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Mekanites, orphan giants.

Mekanites are my personal closed creation, they are a kind of living creatures, group of artificial beings, made by special technology. They are not “race” or “species”, because they are non-biological by their nature. They can’t reproduce. Also they are not robots, because they can think and feel like living creature (details later), indeed they are living. And they even are not cyborgs, because there are no electronic components inside them.

Having vanished a long time ago, their creators designed them in period of prosperity. During that 200-years period, many different masters created a lot of various and unique mekanites. That nation of creators has very decentralized separated society with cult of individuality, so technology at all and mekanite technology in particular has a lot of different directions, so mekanites differs as strong, as biological species do. Expensive and complex mekanites were not for common tasks (that tasks were performed by simple machines), but for estate guarding, body-guarding, maintaining of order and for military operations.

Creators were masters of many things and among that things was “magic”. They could “catch” soul of dying biological creatures and settle it it into artificial body. That’s why mekanites indeed were living creatures, not plain robots. Living soulful combat machine was way more effective then plain soulless drone. But mekanite’s consciousness was not truly free, it was under control of special “program”. It made mekanite clever in combat and in understanding of its master’s instructions, but it was a great exaggeration to say that mekanite acts willful.

Creators died unpredictably and very fast. As well as it is known, some of them escaped, but lost technologies, including technology of   mekanites. For a very long time mekanites were forgotten. They never tried to develop society or to leave their homeland, because they still were controlled by their “programs”. But it’s right time for some of them to wake up...   

Ortann is one of mekanites and here is his concept-art and character reference.