Nation: Mekanite.
Age: >400 years
Gender: Male
Habitat: ---
Source: My original character.
Born: 2001-2007
Height: 25'
Weight: 92 tons
Notes: Stomp, stomp!
Original character.

Ortann is one of very few reasonable mekanites. Even among those few he is still an exception. After awakening he did not stand on the way of destruction. He rarely attack first, his behavior vary from “neutral” to “noble”. Yet “noble” is just facile judgement. He is far from gentleness, yet he don't see reason in destruction and conquest.

Article on mekanites

Characters (C) Scourge Miakhano
Artworks with this character:

Ortann (character concept-art).
Ortann (character concept-art).
Ortann (character reference).
Ortann (character reference).
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