Nation: Flesh golem.
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Habitat: Outskirts of Initiates'es estates, sometimes The Maze.
Source: —″—
Born: November 2008
Height: 9' 5", at shoulders 7' 2"
Weight: 4233 lbs
Notes: After long period of obscurity, appeared again to continue unrestrained terror.
Original character.

Ojudo (name is stressed on first syllable). This flesh golem, with certainity, may be rated among just exactly those kind of creations which can kill their own creators. He was designed to be an operated marionette assassin, but became just killer – hostile to everybody and without any control.

Naloon, master of metamorphosis, had a besetment idea to get square with Kzema – a master of mystique, but could not find a pleasure in doing this with his own hands. He was just too prudent for this, and worried too much about reputation. Against Kzema’s skills, he needed rough living weapon, mad and invulnerable to mental attacks. Despite this tool’s immunity to psychic inspiring, Naloon needed to inspire hatred of Kzema in it. But how can you incite, if inciting is impossible?

Naloon decided to find a key in material itself. And he already had such material. He watched for Kzema for a long time already, and was informed about Kzema’s old conflict with bold, but not very mighty enemy – one of lesser masters of war. Murder occurs almost ten years ago, Kzema’s enemy turned to ashes instantly, but one useful trophy was left whole for Naloon – dead body of warlord’s warhorse Oido, picked up and carefully preserved. Oido was mean, rancorous, but amazingly strong and hardy steed. He falls as his master did, but before death he had a moment to remember Kzema’s image as image of torturer and slayer.

Doing transformation of Oido’s remains to golem Ojudo, Naloon intricately merged unrested equine soul with soul of combat dog and cold primitive sparkles of sea shark. This odd, but very firm composition proved to be completely invulnerable for any menthal inciting and magical influence. Three components bananced and joined each other. Ojudo’s magic resistance become insuperable, but Kzema’s image deep inside of his mind was those thread, which lets to direct him. Something terrible came out of this manupulations - cruel, irrepressibly strong creature, constantly driven by insanity and fury.

Events marched quickly. Ojudo instantly sensed Kzema out. When master of mystique noticed, that thin threads of his magic don’t even bother flesh golem – Ojudo was already in final phase of his jump. There was nothing for Kzema but to feel deeply how weight of four thousands pounds crumbles his thin skeletal body with firm keen hoofs.

After trampling down all Kzems’s assistants, Kzema’s apprentice lad, Kzema’s apprentice lass, Kzema’s own sister and even subordinate archivist, Ojudo tossed in direction of last, a lot more able for rough physical resistance, but quite surmountable (for him) target – one-and-a-half-ton Kzema’s bodyguard, named Baripol. This guy holded longer, but was brought down and got rumpled. In passing, Baripol was not primitive strapper, his job required high skills of reading and speaking by eyes. For example, he could read by eyes intention to charge at his master. At last seconds, while he was still able to hold Ojudo, he realized how to revenge. He couldn’t reprogram Ojudo’s mind, but he could do this to himself – to learn a false knowledge: “This golem’s creator is no less then Kzema’s master”. And stared ad golem’s eyes. Finally, Ojudo creased up Baripol’s chest and without any doubts rushed back to Naloon’s residence. As, because he knows that Naloon is Kzema,s master, so Naloon is responsible for all.

Of course, Naloon didn’t expect Ojudo’s homecoming, and has no ability to get ready, but instantly got the hang of situation. Alter oneself to be better physical fighter? But thin threads of metamorphosis was so disobedient, while counter-attraction illusions didn’t work on Ojudo....

Naloon had to fight with his fists and metal staff. Three-ton master of metamorphosis had impressive size, but he was not real fighter, and Ojudo’s charges time after time become more and more succesful. Best thing, Naloon succeed to do – is to spoil Ojudo’s skin with several venomous silver javelins, but poison itself was innoxious for golem. Finally, Naloon was pushed off into deep pit in the middle of main hall of his residence – just exactly those pit, where he kept any of his creations in process of nurturing. Ojudo leaped down with all his mass, and his hoofs bruised Naloon at the very nonce, when Naloon tried to take opportunity to retreat trough dividing himself into several nimble creatures, which can slip away and then merge again. Naloon just got out of time... He was especially vulnerable at moment of metamorphose, so Ojudo’s charge not only turned his body to ashes, but also ripped this tissued of his soul into several tatters, which scatter every which way. Ojudo felt success of mission, his menthal “program” was erased forever, and with it – his only control lever. He began to be natural disaster, dashing around purposelessly and attacking everybody who stands on his way. Only way to destroy him is to slay him physically, by fist or sword.

Characters (C) Scourge Miakhano
Artworks with this character:

Ojudo - “the headache”.
Ojudo - “the headache”.
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